rum cherry and peopleThe practice of real estate is regulated by The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); their standards require that real estate professionals treat all clients the same at all times. One thing this means is that a real estate salesperson or broker cannot work with one set of standards or practices with one client and use a different set of practices for the next client. I believe this is a good standard.

Because I place a high value on treating all clients equally, I have chosen to create the following fair and logical system to use when working with all buyers. You will find that this system gives you great service and also complies with HUD’s regulations:*

  1. Initial interview of wants and needs.
  2. Review and execute Indiana State Form; “Buyer’s Exclusive Agency Contract.”
  3. Buyer interviews with the financial institution of his or her choice in order to be pre-qualified or pre-approved for financing, which ever they prefer. This also complies with the standard MIBOR contracts which state that among the duties of the licensee are accounting and honesty.
  4. tomlin photo_cur_sizeI prepare a list of homes for the client to drive by that are suited to their expressed wants and needs.
  5. The client tells me which homes they wish to see and I make appointments with agent.
    (My working hours are Monday-Saturday; regular business hours with additional evening hours available; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday by special arrangement.)
  6. We meet to write offer on the home selected. By now the buyer would have finalized a selection of a financing institution to supply with a buyer qualification form which accompanies purchase agreement.
  7. After arriving at an acceptable purchase agreement, the buyer will apply for a loan and schedule a home inspection with the agent’s assistance as requested.
  8. Buying and selling parties finalize the remaining items for closing .

*Using a buyer system is voluntary. You may find that not all real estate salespersons or brokers have a buyer system.


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